Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Book Review: Tidying Up

I’m having a weird moment as I write this latest book recommendation.

After having done a number of these recommendations over the years, I wonder if you all know a little too much about my issues. Sure, I over share on a daily basis (ask the staff) and tend to be pretty open about my life. However, at what point do you all say, “OK, Paul. Got it.” I don’t think this is the one, but I may be getting close. 

I have a bunch of stuff that I don’t need. From books, clothes, college t-shirts, old concert tickets, and junk drawers (yes, that’s plural), to my office (don’t get me started about organizers), I am realizing yet again how much crap I accumulate. One of the best things about getting engaged and planning to share your life with someone is the inevitable question of “Are you going to keep that?” which is said in such a loving and caring way by your soon to be partner when you know that they are questioning their decision should you respond affirmatively. Oh the fun. Anyway…

So I made the mistake or the good decision of picking up the book by Marie Kondo, “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up” and sharing it with my fiancé. I knew it was a good book when she stole it from me and finished it in two days. I knew I would also be impacted by it when she told me to read it immediately. Yep, she told me, didn’t ask. Love her to death. 

Anyway, wow. I was blown away by the mental approach to tidying up being more important than the actual tidying up. If something doesn’t bring you joy when you look at it or touch it, why do you keep it? Damn you, Kondo. Throw my stuff right back in my face why don’t you?!! I’ve looked at clothes I don’t wear any more (bachelor days) and items that irritate me (broken holiday lights), and didn’t bat an eye. Just took it for being a part of my life that was accepted. 

Now, I’m out of control. First of all, “tidying up” is such a better way to say “get rid of your crap” so I don’t avoid it as much. The book’s approach is all about the feel of going through your belongings than it is the actual act of decluttering. Love that. Love the way that I look at my home in a different way. Love the way it makes me think about what is important in life. Love the way that it brings my future partner and I together to be intentional about what we want in our lives. Actually make decisions about what we want in our lives. 

So I did what everyone does when they discover something cool…I posted it to Facebook. By the response from my friends, I’m not the only that has enjoyed the book. I hope you pick it up and feel the same. 

Now back to that pile of clothes in the middle of my bedroom…


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