Monday, September 15, 2014


Last week, we were able to host a retreat with the facilitators of LeaderShape's one-day Catalyst program. We are so thankful for the opportunity to spend time in community with these ambassadors of our cause and programs. More posts with thoughts and photos from the retreat and information about the Catalyst program are on the way. Keep an eye out for those over the next couple of weeks.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

2014 Palmer Award Recipients

We received almost 50 Palmer Award applications from LeaderShape graduates who are working towards their visions and making an impact on their campuses, in their communities, and on the world. It is a privilege to read these inspirational stories and see how the members of the LeaderShape community are helping to create a just, caring, and thriving world. Although all of the applications were filled with examples of taking action and making a difference, two stood above the rest. So now it’s time to announce the recipients of this year’s Palmer Award!

Emmanuel Eze, Boise State University
Emmanuel headed to Boise State University from Baltimore, Maryland. Many encouraged him to go elsewhere worried, that as a person of color, he would not be accepted in Idaho. The transition to Boise State has been a positive one, and has led Emmanuel on a path to “let others know that things are not always the way they seem; that we live in a world where people judge each other based on what they have heard or possibly viewed on television,” and to then help others recognize that “diversity is one of the best things that ever happened to humanity.”

A world free from oppression, prejudice, and discrimination for everyone, including people that have a hard time fitting into their new environment.

Making a multicultural inclusion music video was a goal that Emmanuel set for himself. Some of the outcomes he was looking for from the video were to promote diversity, inclusion, and acceptance at Boise State as well as to build community at the University and beyond. Through the relationships and partnerships Emmanuel forged with 13 student clubs and organizations, 7 departments, an elementary school, and Boise State alumni with experience in audio and video production, Emmanuel and his team created “Let’s All GrowTogether.”

Emmanuel is proud to share that the video has been well received shared University-wide.

What’s Next?
Twelve Universities and Colleges in Idaho are coming together to make another diversity inclusion music video and we should be able to get a peak at the project in the Spring.

Haley Mullins, Miami University of Ohio
Haley sees providing children with an education as a way in which she can reach her vision. The commitment she has demonstrated towards the Otwee-Miami School of Hope certainly shows us how true that is.

That everyone has the opportunity to achieve the goals they set for themselves regardless of whether or not they have access to adequate resources.

One of the goals that Haley shared set for herself was to raise funds for the Otwee-Miami School of Hope, a nursery school in Northern Uganda.  This year, the monies raised helped build an additional classroom onto the school. Haley was even able to travel to Uganda and assist in the labor herself. While there, she and other members from Oxfam spent time interviewing families in the community in order to gain knowledge that will aid in successfully establishing a sponsorship program that will provide children with the annual tuition and supplies necessary to attend school.

What’s next?
Next on Haley’s list of goals to support the Otwee-Miami School of Hope is to tackle is a fence project, which will protect students from the nearby road. She is also working to fundraise for classroom tables

Thursday, June 26, 2014

The LeaderShape Palmer Award Application is Available!

There are LeaderShapers all around the world doing good work. We are constantly inspired by the LeaderShape stories we have the privilege of hearing. Over the years, the Palmer Award has been a way to learn about the stories of our graduates and recognize their efforts. 

The LeaderShape Palmer Award is provided each year to LeaderShape graduates who have participated in a national and campus-based session during the previous year. The award is given to recognize the achievements of those individuals who have demonstrated their commitment to bringing their vision to reality after attending a session of The LeaderShape Institute.

The Palmer Awards began as an endowment gift donated to the Alpha Tau Omega Foundation by Dr. Edmund T. Palmer, Jr. This year the fund will provide a $700 award to a graduate of The LeaderShape Institute and LeaderShape will match that amount allowing us to provide a $700 award for two graduates of The LeaderShape Institute who have implemented their vision.

Individuals eligible to apply for this award must be 2013 graduates of The LeaderShape Institute. To view the award application go here. Applications are due by 8am CST on Monday, August 18, 2014.

If you have any questions, please e-mail Kristen Hyman at

Friday, February 7, 2014

Begin. Lead. Repeat

At LeaderShape, we talk about how every day after The LeaderShape Institute is Day 7. Every day provides you with the chance to use what you’ve learned, to keep growing, and to make a difference. Day 7 happens over and over again. It repeats.

You are checking things off of your to-do lists and reaching the big, bold goals you set for yourself. You are growing in ways that allow you to be the best you can be. Still, there are chances to do and be more. And isn’t that lucky? We think so!

We hope you’ll put your learning and accomplishments and growth on repeat in the sense that you will continue to move forward in these areas. That you will keep working to make yourself, you community, and our world a better place. You will do all of this again and again again. 

Begin. Lead. Repeat.

Thursday, January 9, 2014


Sometimes one thing can make a difference. One thing, small or monumental, can change you. It can change someone else. One thing can change your world. We want to keep doing these “one things” all year long because we know they have the power to impact our communities and ourselves. And we want you to join us through our #OneThing project in 2014.

Each week we’ll post #OneThing to do, see, think about, learn, share….you get the drift! You can follow along on our Twitter and Instagram accounts, and we hope you'll get involved by sharing your own experiences and photos. Don’t forget to include #OneThing so we can see what you are up to and cheer you along.

Next week first #OneThing prompt of 2014 will be posted!

Tuesday, January 7, 2014



A New Year!

For some, it is an opportunity to work towards newly set goals while others see it as a chance to keep moving forward on work already in progress. Whatever your approach, the fact remains that there are twelve Day 7s this year. You might think, well yeah. This is just like every other year. A Day 7 each month. But will it be just like every other year? Or will it be more?

But what will you do with your #Day7 this year?

Whatever you do, we hope you’ll share it with us! Post your progress on our Facebook page, Tweet us with #Day7, or drop us an email at

Monday, September 16, 2013

The Value of One...Day

Those of you who have attended The LeaderShape Institute are aware of the theme for Day Two...The Value of One, The Power of All.  We speak often of the importance of one conversation, one person, one vision and how that can make all the difference.  In fact, participants to The LeaderShape Institute receive a pebble as part of our commencement activity that signifies that one pebble (or action) can be the start of something that creates a wave (or movement) bringing one's vision to reality.

We believe that small actions can make a difference because it creates momentum and, perhaps more importantly, does something...anything.  Far too often, we sit on the sidelines waiting for others to do what needs to be done and when that doesn't happen, we blames those same "others" for not doing what we ourselves won't do.

We got tired of this situation and decided to do something about it back in 2005.  We created the one-day program, Catalyst.

Catalyst also came about because we would be asked by a number of people who experienced the Institute if we could "make people cry" in less than six days.  Seriously.  We laughed, but also got that people were hungry for an experience that was as powerful as the Institute as long as it didn't take as long and didn't cost as much.  We knew that you can't replicate the space and time that helps make the six-day experience what it is, but we could ask questions and infuse LeaderShape philosophy into a one-day experience that could be beneficial and meet a lot of needs.

So we did.

This year, we passed 10,000 participants who attended a Catalyst session since 2005.  Many of our Institute partners have held sessions of Catalyst and we are so excited to have been introduced to many other organizations wanting to "start something extraordinary" and get a taste of LeaderShape.  We held 51 sessions of Catalyst this year and should hold a little more than that in 2014.  We seem to have met an important need while also providing another option for those wanting to be a part of creating a just, caring, thriving world.

One day.  One question.  One conversation.  One possibility.  Catalyst.

Here's to valuing the simplicity and power of "one."