Thursday, January 15, 2015

National Sessions of The LeaderShape Institute: What is at the Heart of These Sessions?

Looking back at the history of The LeaderShape Institute, national sessions started as the way to get students together to talk about the concepts of leadership and help them develop as leaders. In 1986, colleges and universities didn’t offer much formal training for leaders of student organizations so the idea of The LeaderShape Institute was cutting edge. Fast forward 29 years, nearly every college campus has some formalized training for people interested in the topic of leadership. So, why does LeaderShape continue to host national sessions of the Institute? This is a question our staff has spent much time thinking about and it comes down to this….
As an organization we believe in the importance of providing time and space for people to come together to have conversations that matter. In our over-connected society where technology has been used as a tool to bring people together, we are seeing that people are spending less time face to face actually talking about things that are important to them and the world around them. The LeaderShape Institute provides that experience.

National sessions provide an opportunity for students from colleges and universities from around the country to come together and build a community. For six days they will explore their values together, learn from each other, and leave ready to do work that creates a more just, caring, and thriving world. While at LeaderShape, participants have an opportunity to explore. To immerse themselves in their own learning. To be challenged. To learn from others and to have fun!

When you ask a past participant about their experience you may hear things like “amazing” or “life changing.”  The LeaderShape staff and community never gets tired of hearing those stories. They provide the heart to why these sessions matter. 

We would love to hear from past participants about what was most meaningful about their national session experience! If you have attended a national session, please share your thoughts in the comments below.

If you have not yet had the opportunity to attend a national session and would be interested in finding out more or if you know someone who would love this experience, please direct them to the LeaderShape website or call our office at 888-988-LEAD (5323).

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