Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Elements of Leadership

Positive Change

These are the 7 elements of leadership that are part of the LeaderShape definition of leadership. They are introduced on Day 1, are the inspiration for the Family Cluster skits on Day 5, and tie to lessons of the curriculum throughout the week.

But what are they to you after the Institute?

As you live out Day 7, perhaps these elements can inspire you to stay true to the lessons that resonated with you from the week. If you feel disconnected from these or from The LeaderShape Institute, take some time to focus each element.  Maybe you'll want to think about one of them each month, diving deep into how each one can inform your daily work and life. You can spend an afternoon evaluating them all at once. Or you can have a talk over coffee with a family cluster member or mentor.

One thing we hope is that no matter how or how often you reflect back on the elements of leadership from the Institute that you remember what you left those six days wanting to do. And do it.