Friday, February 6, 2009

Looking Forward...

With all of the negative news these days regarding the economy, jobs, etc., it is harder than ever to radiate possibility. I thought I would provide a brief update on what we are working on in Champaign as we look forward.

I could not be more excited about the future. I am very sincere about that and let me tell you why. In 2010, we will roll out an improved curriculum that helps prepare young adults to lead with integrity in the global community. Later this year, we will unveil a new web site that will help to connect the LeaderShape community better than ever and help spread the LeaderShape message. This December, we will hold the first non-English speaking session of The LeaderShape Institute for the Universidad de las Americas in Mexico. I could go on and on...

These tough economic times provide an amazing opportunity for all of us. It provides time for us to clarify our priorities, simplify our lives and purpose, and rededicate to those causes we truly care about. The same holds true for this organization we love so much...LeaderShape. The staff and I are determined to meet these challenges and come out of it prepared to help an additional 31,000 graduates make a difference in the world while leading with integrity. We need our current and future graduates more than ever.

Wouldn't you agree?