Thursday, January 9, 2014


Sometimes one thing can make a difference. One thing, small or monumental, can change you. It can change someone else. One thing can change your world. We want to keep doing these “one things” all year long because we know they have the power to impact our communities and ourselves. And we want you to join us through our #OneThing project in 2014.

Each week we’ll post #OneThing to do, see, think about, learn, share….you get the drift! You can follow along on our Twitter and Instagram accounts, and we hope you'll get involved by sharing your own experiences and photos. Don’t forget to include #OneThing so we can see what you are up to and cheer you along.

Next week first #OneThing prompt of 2014 will be posted!

Tuesday, January 7, 2014



A New Year!

For some, it is an opportunity to work towards newly set goals while others see it as a chance to keep moving forward on work already in progress. Whatever your approach, the fact remains that there are twelve Day 7s this year. You might think, well yeah. This is just like every other year. A Day 7 each month. But will it be just like every other year? Or will it be more?

But what will you do with your #Day7 this year?

Whatever you do, we hope you’ll share it with us! Post your progress on our Facebook page, Tweet us with #Day7, or drop us an email at