Friday, August 7, 2015

#Day7: To Lead, Live.

What if we used this concept of #Day7 and Staying in Action as an opportunity to lead by living?

Take away position and title. Take away work and school and to-do lists. When we live our life by our values, according to our causes, while activating our talents, we are leading. You are leading. You are contributing. You are LeaderShape.

Let’s break it down.

By knowing, owning, and living by our core values we are communicating to others what we stand for. Living by our values provides us with a touchstone that helps us to stay the course, even when we are challenged, tired, or tempted. 

We are grounded.

Some call it passion. Some call it their calling. Whatever language you use, the bottom-line is to connect with a cause that drives and inspires. Contribute to the cause, to that very special idea or vision, through how you live your life each and every day. 

We are activated.

When we use our strengths, talents, and gifts we are able to contribute in a manner that is personally exciting and that increases our chances of success. How is that so? Because you are putting into action what you are best at. 

We are gifted.

To lead, live. 
Live your values, your causes, your gifts. 
Do it daily. 

What better day than #Day7 to start?


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