Thursday, July 9, 2015

The Meaning Behind the Look

As we mentioned in our last post, LeaderShape has a new website and a new look! And we want to tell you more about the meaning behind our organizational and program logos.

The Bolt
The bolt itself is iconic and continues to represent LeaderShape organizationally. The change has come in that the bolt is comprised of many dots. The dots are significant in that they represent each member of the LeaderShape Community coming together to make an impact.

Given that we are now using the bolt specifically for the organization, we needed something to represent each program. We did this to allow for each program to have an identity on its own and also a connection to LeaderShape as an organization.

The Drop of Water
The LeaderShape Institute will now be referred to as the Institute. The logo is a drop of water which represent the ripple effect that participants have in the communities they are a part of.

The Spark

Catalyst will be represented by a spark. This spark represents the creation of change.

The Leaf
Resilience (our newest program) is represented by a leaf. The leaf ties into themes of resilience in its ability to grow and bounce back.

Notice how all of these logos are again comprised of dots. This ties back into the messaging of the LeaderShape bolt…that each dot represents the individuals who have been a part of our programs and who now are a part of the LeaderShaper community.

We are excited about the new look and hope you are, too!

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