Thursday, February 10, 2011

Bringing the LeaderShape Community Together

The LeaderShape Institute is turning 25 this year and we could not be more excited! We are planning a celebration in Chicago on April 9th.

Will you be there? We sure hope so!

As you read this, you might be saying: “Oh, that’s neat that LeaderShape is turning 25. But really, I don’t think this event is for me.” STOP right there….this is FOR YOU!

This anniversary celebration is a chance for every member of the LeaderShape community to come together and celebrate an experience that has been so special to so many people. That is the great part about the LeaderShape community! It may have been 6 months or 16 years since you attended The LeaderShape Institute but every member of this community has that experience in common. What a great opportunity to come together, share memories, catch up with old friends and make some new ones.

The night will start with a reception and an opportunity for people to reconnect with people from their session. We’ll then have a delicious dinner. Followed by a keynote speech from Eric Saperston. Eric is a really great guy who is going to share with us a little about his journey in life and the power that each person has to make a difference in the world. Our celebration would not be complete without some balloons (maybe in castle form?!), great food, flipchart paper and lots of fun.

Here are details about the event:

Spread the word and make plans to reconnect with your Family Cluster! We can’t wait to see the community gathered together to celebrate this very special occasion.

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