Friday, August 21, 2009

World of Possibility

During The LeaderShape Institute we spend a lot of time thinking about what we are passionate about where we want to spend our time. We then create a world of possibility where our time is spent working on the things we are most passionate about. When we are in that world of possibility our mind wanders to amazing places and creates great things. However, once we leave LeaderShape it might be difficult for us to work in our every day world while at the same time living in that world of possibility.

Last month while I was visiting a camp and conference center in Prescott, Arizona I met two amazing people Mike and Corky. They are the on-site caretakers for the Anytown Camp and Conference Center.

Mike and Corky are able to live in that world of possibility everyday. They loving refer to the Anytown Camp and Conference Center as “camp”. Their hearts and souls are there at camp. Now they have not always been as fortunate to work in a place that directly aligns with their passions but now that they do they could not be happier. They work diligently to serve the participants of their camps; making sure that everyone who comes to there is well feed (yes the food is DELICIOUS!!) and has all of their needs met so that they can fully participate in their program.

At camp there is no hierarchy. Mike and Corky do what needs to get done. While I was visiting the camp, a large delivery truck came by and accidentally knocked out the phone lines to camp. No sooner than it happen, Mike got out his ladder and fixed the phone line. When I saw him doing this, I asked him why he did not call someone from the phone company to come and fix it. He smiled and said, “Well, that would take to long, I don’t want any of our participants to miss an emergency phone call from their parents. Plus, this is what I do and I love it!”

It was the last part of what Mike said that has stuck with me. “This is what I do and I love it.” Mike and Corky have been fortunate to find a career that aligns with their passions. They don’t do this work for recognition or fame. They do this job because they love it. They are amazing examples of servant leaders.

As you think back on your experience at The LeaderShape Institute, where does your mind wander as you think about that world of possibility you want to create? What steps can you take today to bring a little of that possibility into your every day world?

Kristen Y.

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