Friday, August 7, 2009

Aha Moment Campaign

The Mutual of Omaha is sponsoring this really cool and interesting campaign called The Aha Moment. For the campaign, an Aha Moment is is a defining moment where you gain real wisdom - wisdom you can use to change your life. They have been traveling around capturing the Aha Moments of people all over the country. How amazing is that? These moments are recorded and posted for viewing on their website. Check it out! I find watching the videos to be inspirational and uplifting.

We learned about the Aha Moment when the LeaderShape staff members were invited to participate during the campaign's stop in Champaign, IL. A couple of us had the opportunity to record our own LeaderShape Aha Moments. We hope you enjoy them (just click the links below).

This posting is not a shameless plug to check out our videos. No, I want more than that from this entry. I want to encourage (challenge?) each of you to take some time to share your Aha Moment! You can be part of the campaign and do so on the Aha Moment website. You can also do this in other ways, anytime you wish. Write about it. Create art about it. Talk about it. Sing about it. Create an interpretive dance about it - whatever! Just Share It. Put it out into the world. Change your life. Change our world.

Kristen H.

Kristen Y's Aha Moment

Kristen H's Aha Moment

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