Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Another "Greatest Generation" is on the way!

We often get great resources from our campus partners. This is another one.

Dr. Becky Bradley, Director of Student Life and Leadership from Scottsdale Community College, currently serves as the Program Coordinator for the Maricopa Community Colleges session of The LeaderShape Institute in the Phoenix area.

In her email to us she said, "Before clicking and reading it, however, click and read the first link, which is referred to in the second link – just helps to provide a bit of background. For those of us in higher education, I think the commentaries add some additional emphasis and hope to what it is that we do."

1. http://www.forbes.com/2009/04/01/new-greatest-generation-leadership-innovation-bennis.html

2. http://blogs.harvardbusiness.org/cs/2009/08/observations_from_a_student_le.html

Thanks for sharing Becky!

We look forward to working with another great generation.


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John Shertzer said...

Good posts Mike. I might disagree with Mr. Bennis that the life experiences the original greatest generation had equate at all with the life experiences of this current generation. As bad as the economy is, we are nowhere near what our grandparents and their parents had to face. They also had to sacrifice for war, which this generation has not had to do (unless they have volunteered for military service).

Regardless, I hope he's right and this generation will do much more than its predecessors to solve our world's problems. However, it will require a level of selflessness and work ethic I have yet to see.

I must have gotten hit by the cynical bus today!