Monday, November 23, 2015

Reflections: Time Spent With Program Partners

PC Training 2015
In early October, we spent a few days with many of our Program Coordinators for some training and good conversations around our partnerships. Program Coordinators, or PCs as we like to call them, are our primary contacts at the colleges and organizations we partner with. They are the work-force behind the campus-based sessions of the Institute. In my role at LeaderShape, I get to talk with many of them daily. Since those conversations happen over email and phone, it was nice to see these folks face-to-face in October!

In our conversations at PC Training about partnerships, we talked about how knowing more about each other helps us to strengthen those partnerships; how identifying overlaps in our organizational values can help us also identify our common goals; and how strengthening connections with folks on campus can help broaden and deepen a sense of community. We worked through some exercises and discussed some ways to do each of those things.

We also talked about LeaderShape’s new branding and the language we use when we talk about our organization and our programs. You can refer back to this blog post for more information about the branding. With planning under-way for many sessions of the Institute, this new language and the use of our new logos are being put into practice! We love seeing the flyers, t-shirt designs, Instagram posts, and tweets with the new logos! 

Since our time with PCs this October, we have been continuing the work around strengthening our partnerships with campuses and learning more about what they value for students on their campus. We look forward to continuing the meaningful conversations about how LeaderShape programs can enhance leadership on each campus and for each participant. 

Post from Abby Prince, LeaderShape's Director of Program Quality & Management.

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