Saturday, November 7, 2015

#Day7 and Community

It’s pretty awesome, the new and powerful relationships that develop during the Institute. There is a sense of community that is unique to the Institute. And it is pretty amazing that something so deep and special can be created in only 6 days together.

Then there is the task of maintaining that community after everyone has said their “see ya laters” and gone back to their daily lives. The idea of Day 7, of staying in action after the Institute, includes the community and relationships that were forged during the experience. It is up to all of us to continue the joyful work of community and relationship strengthening.

Do you still feel that sense of community with your fellow LeaderShapers? We hope so! In case a little nudge is needed in this area, we have some ideas.

From Facebook groups to group texts to blogging and beyond, technology can provide a great platform to stay connected - or at least up-to-date on what is going on in one another’s lives. Finding a platform that works for you can be an easy way to stay in touch with the community you helped to build at the Institute.

Although there is no way to recreate what happened at the Institute, coming together with folks who have that shared experience can be energizing. And motivating! And inspiring! Whether it is a formal gathering complete with a program of events or a relaxed get-together, pulling as many people together as possible can remind us of the work that began at the Institute and compel us to continue on in that work together.

You don’t have to get the entire group back together to benefit from the community that was created during the Institute. Spending time with those you connected with in a more personal manner has its perks. Make time for an in-person conversation. Allow yourself to be open to developing deeper relationships.

Take action - together! The theme on day 6 of the Institute is Staying in Action. Getting together to participate in a service project, get to work on your manageable goals, brainstorm ways in which you can activate your passions can bring your closer to one another and make a difference in your community. Do something and do it together.

Are there other ways that the LeaderShapers from your session keep your community connected and active? Share them with us in the comments.

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