Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Hope of Guinea at Towson University

Towson University recently celebrated its 10 Year Anniversary partnering with LeaderShape to offer the Institute at their institution. We are excited to highlight some history and personal experiences from administrators, participants, and facilitators in this blog series. 

The second post in the series is from Oumou Diallo, a current Sophomore Business Major at Towson University. Aside from founding Hope of Guinea at the young age of 19, Oumou is also an active member on campus, promoting collaboration and encouraging students to lead and have their voices heard. She hopes to pursue higher studies in International Affairs and is returning home to Guinea this summer to complete an internship local to her native home.

How was your LeaderShape experience and how did it affect your life?

I was a freshman who was confused and had so many ideas and yet no idea on how to carry them out. I spent my first semester trying to figure out what I liked and what I enjoyed doing.  I was taken on this journey of 6 days called The LeaderShape Institute, where the facilitators, participants, and staff helped me find and create myself. Through this journey, I realized that I had a purpose in this world and a vision. I learned how to step out of my comfort zone and how to make the world a better place. The experience did not only make me grow as an individual but I also made lifetime connections. After the Institute, I had the chance to meet the president of Towson University, the dean of my college, and many other great individuals who have been mentoring and supporting me through my journey. I always tell people that I live to serve and that I want to leave a positive mark on this world. I was born here but I grew up in Guinea. Being privileged enough to attend a good school there and then coming back to the United States to pursue my goals, I realized the importance of education and how much it can contribute to maximizing one’s potential. My vision at the Institute was to give underprivileged kids in Guinea opportunities to get an education, a chance to shine, empower them and offer them hope.  My goal is to make education a right instead of a privilege not only in Guinea but globally. Hence, why I realized my vision by founding Hope of Guinea at Towson. Hope of Guinea at Towson is the first chapter of the international organization Hope of Guinea Inc. Our pillars are Education, Scholarship and Service. We strive to provide aid to underprivileged kids in Guinea as well as give back to the Towson community.

For more information about HOG @ TU please visit http://hopeofguinea.org/hogtu/.

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