Thursday, May 7, 2015

#Day7: Encouragement

At the Institute and in our other LeaderShape programs, we talk about the power of community. We approach this concept in a multitude of ways because there are so many facets to building, forming, contributing to, and growing with and as a community. Beyond our programs, we as an organization have been engaging in a lot of conversations over the past year about the LeaderShape community in particular. Community is on our minds. Community is everywhere. 

Communities go through stages, ups and downs, times of struggle, times of togetherness. There are times when community members benefit from challenge and there are times when they benefit from encouragement. 

Enter Doug the Pug. In this video he spreads happiness by surprising strangers with notes of kindness. He is about encouraging a sense of community. 

Yes, it's an animal video. And still, a reminder that a short note or a few words can encourage, inspire, support, cheer, and share love. A reminder that a few words can make someone feel important, feel seen, and feel valued. Actively participating in and perpetuating a strong community in this way keeps the spirit of the Institute's Day 1 theme of Building Community alive and in action. It is a way to live in #Day7.

Who can you encourage today? What words of kindness and encouragement can you offer to someone in your community? Have your answer? Now go tell them. 

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