Thursday, October 18, 2012

Update: Of Dreams & Deeds

An update from Ayokunle Falomo, including a link to his spoken word video:

I would love to again share with you things that has happened after our last correspondence which led to me being featured on the LeaderShape blog. That is still an experience which I'm grateful for. Two days ago, I turned 22. I decided to commemorate it in a way that is very special and monumental to me. Before LeaderShape, I was almost a closeted poet, and mostly refrained from sharing my work with others (fear of rejection, of failure, of not being good enough, the list is endless) However, that changed! Poetry is something I am deeply passionate about, and LeaderShape helped me to accept the title of a poet as who I am. I am glad that I was able to even share my poetry at LeaderShape during one of the activities. For my 22nd birthday, I was able to, with the help of a videographer friend, make a video presentation for one of my poems and I thought I should share with you. 

One of the primary influences for the poem is Benjamin Zander's book The Art of Possibility which I almost can't shut up about. It has changed my life in a very radical way. The section which was a major influence for the poem is the "telling the we story" section. 

This is just one of the many dreams I have of course. And for the next year before my next birthday, I documented other things I would love to achieve which I wrote about on the blog here.

Again, thanks for taking the time to read this. I can't help but inform you just how influential LeaderShape has been for me.

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