Tuesday, August 7, 2012


The 2012 Summer Olympics! I love them. Love. Them. Like many, I am so inspired and moved watching these athletes focus, compete, and work to reach their dreams. BIG dreams. Olympic sized dreams, right?

In addition to the amazing feats of athleticism we witness during the Games, we also see the faces of those who love, support, and cheer on the competitors. Parents, siblings, partners, friends, coaches, and entire home towns all rooting for their Olympian. And there is nothing commonplace about this support. It is filled with undeniable passion. Passion that, at times, brings me to tears or cheers myself and I don't even know the athletes!

These folks are true cheerleaders. And they have me thinking about who I'm cheering for. What am I cheering for. What about you? What and who is so important that you would stand up, scream, shout, cry, and travel across the world for?

Life after the Institute - Day 7 - can be filled with wins and losses. We all need support to accomplish our dreams. So let's take a minute to offer that support, to cheer someone along who is going after their own Olympic-sized dreams.

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