Thursday, April 5, 2012

Values – an International Experience…

In July of 2002 I had my first encounter with LeaderShape by serving as a Cluster Facilitator at Allerton. I’ve described to many friends and a colleague working in Student Affairs administration that serving as a Cluster Facilitator was really one of the best gift had been given because of all of the shared learning that resulted from that wonderful experience.  In 2007 I had a second opportunity to serve as a Cluster Facilitator in Doha, Qatar when I was working in Student Affairs with the Qatar Foundation (QF). As a result of collaboration with Carnegie Mellon University – Qatar, QF was afforded the opportunity to sponsor the first LeaderShape in an international context. It was an amazing experience and I felt very fortunate to be a part of it.

I have heard it said that you have to leave your culture to really truly come to know it. I found that to be true for me while living as an expatriate in the Middle East. I learned that leading with integrity and being committed to a particular set of values was just as relevant, and important to my friends in Qatar, as it was to me coming from a North American cultural context.  Thank you LeaderShape® for teaching me time and time again the value of leading with integrity – this is a life-long gift for which I will always be thankful!


Kevin Konecny has served as a Cluster Facilitator for The LeaderShape Institute at a national session in Illinois as well as at the first session for the Qatar Foundation in Doha, Qatar. He has also played in integral part in bringing the program to Seminole State College of Florida. Kevin's next adventure is an entrepreneurial one as he transitions from higher education to the CEO and Managing Partner of I Repair Now, LLC.

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