Thursday, March 1, 2012

One Word 2012

I bought this card several years ago because I liked the saying. I decided to frame it , and keep it on my desk as a reminder for those moments when self-doubt began to creep in. And while that sounds like a great idea, if I am truthful, it really has served more as a decoration than an inspiration. Sure, I understand that leaping, or stretching yourself, is a good idea. But the net that I often imagine has large person sized holes, just big enough for me and my ideas to slide right on through.

As I reflected on my 2011, I knew that I wanted some sort of jump start for 2012. I had had some really awesome life altering experiences over the past 12 months (LeaderShape being one of them), but I hadn’t really figured out how to make the changes I knew needed to be made. I was feeling stuck. Feeling full of potential and promise, but not sure where that potential and promise needed to go. A New Year’s resolution felt too limiting. There were lots of individual things I wanted to focus on, and choosing only one felt like I was taking the easy way out. I also felt that a resolution might limit my success because my hyper focus on one goal would take away from seeing the other possibilities that were available. That’s when I decided to jump on board with the One Word ( movement.

My one word for 2012 is brave ( Each time I am unsure about something new, I remind myself, be brave. And being brave doesn’t mean that I know it’s going to turn out okay, or that I know I will succeed without any challenges. To me, being brave means that at the end of every day I know that I have stayed true to my authentic self, whether that meant taking a risk, speaking up for my ideals, or saying “no” when I knew I already had too much on my plate. Being brave means not waiting until you know the outcome will turn out the way you’d like, but instead taking that chance while you can still affect the outcome.
“When we consider we are ready, it is already too late.” - Paulo Coelho

The net may not be where any of us want or hope it to be, but the reward for being brave enough to take the risk will always be there to catch you.

Julie Larsen served as Cluster Facilitator in June of 2011. She currently works as an Academic Advisor for the University of Texas at Dallas and Community Manager for You can find her on Twitter @julieclarsen.

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