Wednesday, July 13, 2011


I recently read something somewhere that stated, "Authenticity is a daily practice." Although I don't recall where I read it, I kind of love this sentiment. It has me considering a few things...

Being authentic can sometimes come easy and then there are times when we really have to work at it. This is ok.

With practice comes learning and growth and the thought that we are striving to become more skilled at knowing and being ourselves. Mistakes are allowed (phew!). However, it is taking what we discover from our missteps and allowing the lessons to help us to gain clarity on who we are and what it is we believe.

There is no finish line. As a person who loves to check something off of a list, this idea can be both aggravating and freeing. I'm going to choose to embrace the latter, and allow myself the freedom to be "in" this practice.

How do you feel about authenticity as a practice?

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Mehna Nawal said...

I guess no one is perfect in this world. Everyone commits mistake but we should remember that rather than ignoring our mistakes we should learn from them as failures are the pillars of success. Being authentic and true to oneself and to others is the very first step towards this.