Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Overheard: The LeaderShape Institute

This past May, we received an email from Lead Facilitator and former staff member Anne Arseneau. We thought it was such a cool story, we wanted to share her email to us with you:

"Hi LeaderShape friends, thought I’d share my cool Day 5 experience that happened RIGHT before I started the curriculum piece on social responsibility at the Meredith LeaderShape session (which was a great session experience BTW…)

My sister-in-law Linda (who lives in Champaign and tries hard to understand LeaderShape) :) and I had the following text exchange during lunch (right before social responsibility/Living & Leading with Integrity) and it’s just cool enough that I needed to share it with you all:

Linda: Hey there. hope all is good. yesterday we went to a Cubs game and overheard some 20 somethings talking about how great Leadershape was! thought you might like to hear good chatter out there.

Anne: that is awesome! about 70 different sessions going on this year. that just makes me smile!!!

Linda: yep. we were on the L and we thought of you and how great of a job you guys are doing. felt proud! It made us smile big for you!

Maybe I’ve been around too long (just as the campus institutes were starting) but the idea that someone I know could overhear someone (they don’t know) on a subway train in Chicago talking about how awesome LeaderShape is gives me goose bumps. And it was a really neat thought to have about the viral impact of MORE people experiencing LeaderShape just before going into the Living & Leading with Integrity session. Shared the contents of the text with the Meredith women as an example and thought I’d pass along to you as well."

So thanks to all of you for sharing about your experience with others. You never know who might be listening...

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