Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Partnerships and Milestones

Each year it’s exciting to take a look at the milestones of our organizational and campus-based Institute sessions. These milestones are important to us because one of the things they represent is our on-going partnerships with institutions that are also committed to making our campuses, organizations, communities, and world the best that they can be.

We are serious about the partnerships we build. This work, the work of creating a just, caring, and thriving world, is work we cannot do alone. It is work that our partners, board members, participants, facilitators, and other community members cannot do alone. But we can make an impact together. Together we create positive change.

Although we recognized our milestone partners at Program Coordinator training in October, many will have their actual milestone session over the summer. If you catch any posts or tweets from them, share our appreciation by offering them an encouragement or message of congratulations. Because we are all in this together.

Cheers to all of our 85 campus and organization partners and to those planning and participating in the 99 sessions that will occur in 2015! And a very special tip of the hat to those who are celebrating a milestone this year.

5 years
Association of Fraternal Leadership and Values
James Graham Brown Foundation
University of California-Berkeley
University of Iowa
University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill
University of North Texas
University of Tennessee-Knoxville
University of Texas-San Antonio

10 years
George Mason University
University of Texas-Pan American

15 years
University of North Carolina-Charlotte

20 years
Michigan Technological University
University of Georgia

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