Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Collaboration: a #Day7 post

The action of working with someone to produce or create something

The LeaderShape staff is in Chicago for Program Coordinator Training this week and one of the recurring themes for our time together is collaboration. And although we are considering the idea of collaboration in relation to planning The LeaderShape Institute, it certainly applies to many situations we encounter throughout life.

When thinking about the passions and visions that LeaderShapers want to pursue, it’s easy to be overwhelmed with inspiration and by the amount of dedication it takes to reach the end goal. There’s also the work part of it, too. Any of us could feel, at times, overwhelmed with all that is involved when striving to reach our goals, to pursue our passions, and to make an impact on our communities.

Here’s the thing though. We aren’t alone.

We do not have to carry the burden and joys of this work alone. We can connect with other people to create something extraordinary. We can collaborate.

What is the next goal you have ahead of you? Is there more you need to learn to move forward? Are their talents beyond your own skill set that could contribute to reaching these goals? Who do you know (or who can get to know) who shares a commitment to the same passions and can energize and help drive

There is more beyond knowing what work is to be done and determining who can join us in our efforts. It’s important to be intentional about putting the tenets of collaboration to work.

As the LeaderShape staff continues to expand our own knowledge and practices around collaboration, we have come across so many resources to inform our work. Below are just a few that might also support you as you connect with others to work towards common goals with success.

Do you have any resources to add? If so, please share them in the comments.

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