Thursday, September 18, 2014

Catalyst FAQs

Catalyst is LeaderShape’s one-day experience designed to help participants examine their values and strengths while maximizing their potential to work towards change.

Who is Catalyst for?
The curriculum was created for individuals who want to make a difference - ideally 60(ish) totally awesome participants. What makes a participant awesome? We think it starts with someone who is engaged and ready-to-go, eager to learn, and who want to take action to change the world (like for real).  

We partner with colleges, universities, and other organizations to bring the program to campus or a site of their choice. This allows organizations the opportunity to provide a common experience around “starting something extraordinary” with a group of people who can then get to work on something they care about. And encourage (and maybe even lead) others to do the same! Then things start to change and that is where the fun begins - because an impact is being made within an organization, at college, or in the community.

How is Catalyst different from a keynote speaker and other leadership programs?
Catalyst is a program that provides the time and space for participant contributions through a variety of formats.  And that is what makes the day spent with Catalyst stand out.

During the day, participants will work in large groups, with an assigned small group, in pairs, and independently. They will be in purposeful conversation with one another, engage in hands-on activities, and spend time in reflection. They will be the learner and in other moments they will step in and be the teacher.

The Facilitator* will also serve in a teaching capacity. And at times he or she may also serve as coach, encourager, challenger, or even take the group on a trust walk (Kidding! Just making sure you are paying attention like an awesome Catalyst participant would be doing). Whatever role the facilitator steps into, they are there to empower and push participants to think in ways that will help them to leave the day prepared to take action.

How will we spend our time during Catalyst?
Throughout the course of the day, we explore what it means to choose, for oneself, what to do with one’s time and life by exploring questions and concepts around the question, “Where do I want to make an impact?” There is then time to evaluate what skills and talents each person has to contribute, followed by examining how to make something happen in community with others (we can’t do it alone people!). The end of the day focuses on taking action so that when folks leave they have a tangible plan to take the first step.

Why just one day?
Time is valuable. Sometimes one day is all we have. Look at it this way…we get one ENTIRE day devoted to exploring where you want to make a difference, what skills and talents you have to contribute, and how you can get going. One entire day.

Bigger Picture
LeaderShape believes in the possibility of and is working towards the creation of a just, caring, and thriving world. If everyone lives and leads with integrity and and if everyone holds a healthy disregard for the impossible we can get there! Luckily we aren’t alone in the desire to live in this type of world. Catalyst participants are invited to join us in this monumental and meaningful work. We know they can make a difference.

*A member of LeaderShape’s Co-Lead Facilitator community who have been chosen through a selection process and trained to facilitate this and our other programs, such as The LeaderShape Institute.

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