Friday, May 17, 2013

One Thousand and One

It seems that everything these days is quantifiable and I'm not sure that is such a great thing.
Because we have so many numbers, statistics, and benchmarks thrown at us in most everything we do, we become blind to those numbers that really do mean something and that are important in our world.  I know I struggle with this as I try to sift through the information that really connects to me and my vision, and the information that really is just white noise in the background.

I would really like you to think about the number 1,000 as I try to put some meaning behind a number we refer to often as "a grand."  This week LeaderShape held the one thousandth session of The LeaderShape Institute.  That is in no way close to how many billion hamburgers McDonald's has served, our national debt, or any other large numbers we deal with from time to time.
It is just a thousand.

A thousand learning communities created from scratch each with the ideal of being better to each other.  A thousand versions of Star Power held to simulate the all too real possibility of abusing power in defense of our own power no matter how little we have.  A thousand Guest Leader Forums where individuals who tell us they have achieved some measure of success in the world and still wish that they had something like LeaderShape to attend to when they were "your age."  A thousand commencement circles holding hands and looking to each others eyes.  Seeing our best selves.  Seeing a new friend.  Seeing a soul awakened for perhaps the first time.
It is just a thousand though. 

In those sessions are the memories, conversations, tears, and hugs that tell me, and hopefully all of you, that we DO have the ability to change the world.  We have that ability because we do for six days.  We have done it a THOUSAND times for six days. 

I hope you will share in our celebration of a thousand.  Perhaps it doesn't seem like much on the surface, but it means everything to those that are proud to call themselves LeaderShape graduates.

One thousand and one begins now.


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