Tuesday, April 9, 2013

#Day7 at The Lead Retreat

The LeaderShape Staff just spent #Day7 with 130 people who are dedicated to LeaderShape, to leading with integrity, and to a healthy disregard for the impossible; we were with our Lead Facilitators wrapping up our annual retreat.

The Lead Facilitators are a community of people who travel to sessions of The LeaderShape Institute on behalf of our organization and in service to the Cluster Facilitators, On Site Coordinators, and Participants who come together for six days of discovery. They give of their time and of themselves to help us work towards the LeaderShape vision and mission.

What does this have to do with #Day7?

We wanted you to know that if you ever question whether or not anyone even cares about you and the work you are doing to make the world, your community, and your campus stronger through your own #Day7 work, that there are people who care. Our Lead Facilitators care. They care a lot.

Lead Retreat 2013

Lead Retreat 2013

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