Wednesday, November 28, 2012

A Cluster Facilitator "Thank You"

On Day 6 of LeaderShape, as the program wraps up, they ask the cluster facilitators to say a few words. All I could get out was “Thank you”. It was such a small statement that carried so much meaning. I am pleased to have the opportunity to share what exactly I meant by “Thank you”.

Thank you to the LeaderShape staff for believing in me and giving me a chance. I knew I wanted the opportunity. I wanted it bad. As a LeaderShape graduate, the organization’s concepts and ideals became a part of who I am. I aim to be LeaderShape everyday. I wanted to be a part of growing the LeaderShape community and watch the process unfold for a new group of participants. Thank you for providing that opportunity and supporting the faculty along the way.

Thank you to the process for showing me I was mistaken. As a cluster facilitator, I approached the experience as if I was on the outside looking in. I was excited about the upcoming six days of empowering the LeaderShape participants and observing raw emotion, strength, self-discovery, turning points, creativity and more.  I quickly understood this was not an experience only about the participants.  LeaderShape is about the community it creates and that community included me. At first, I felt guilty for gaining so much from the experience as it progressed. It wasn’t designed for me. I already had my LeaderShape experience.

It turns out, six years after my first LeaderShape experience, the process still continues.

I found that my contributions were greater once I allowed myself to join the process.  Thanks again to the process for showing me that LeaderShape is designed for all involved.

Thank you to my family cluster for accepting LeaderShape into your lives. LeaderShape happens in different ways for different people and it was inspiring to see how LeaderShape fit into each one of your lives.  It is difficult for me to put our experience into words, but I think, overall, our family cluster theme was a message of hope. We pushed each other to dream big, ask critical questions, encourage, celebrate differences, truly listen, grow confidence, live authentically and we laughed…a lot. I adored our intimate cluster time, but I think I enjoyed seeing our cluster intermingle amongst the at-large community even more. The community was better because of the ten of you.

Monarch Family Cluster
(Litsa is top center)

 Thank you to the LeaderShape faculty for exemplifying the greatest example of synergy.  What a group. We had it all.  This was the group that helped me re-examine how LeaderShape fits into my life and held me accountable throughout the process. Together, we utilized our talents and strengthened our weaknesses. We had honest dialogue about the curriculum, the community and ourselves.

You see, LeaderShape has this special charm about it. Somehow, in no time, you feel like you have created a new home. You peel away all the layers and examine your core. Those defining moments happen at different times for each person. Some people don’t realize when it happens. But it happens.

And then it’s over.

Although, LeaderShape challenges that.

Thank you to Day 7 for empowering the LeaderShape community to adopt a lifestyle of integrity. The most important day of the process is Day 7---each day following the LeaderShape experience. To get the most of the experience, the LeaderShape community must sustain the visions, goals and gags. Day 7 is about sharing LeaderShape with the world. And just like the LeaderShape week, Day 7 is a process.  The toughest part about Day 7 is living LeaderShape in a world that doesn’t entirely “get it”; the greatest part about Day 7 is the 49604 people that do. Whether you have directly experienced LeaderShape with someone or, by chance, realize you have LeaderShape in common, all you have to say is “LeaderShape” and you share an understanding and respect. The LeaderShape community is what makes Day 7 possible.

A larger LeaderShape community means more possibilities for Day 7.  It means more people will be living and leading with integrity ® and having a healthy disregard for the impossible ®. It means more visions will transform to realities. Growing the LeaderShape community will change the world.

Thank you to the potential members of the LeaderShape community. When I returned home from serving as a cluster facilitator, I continued to reflect on the concept of possibility. I have a vision that LeaderShape is a possibility for everyone.
At the conclusion of serving as a cluster facilitator, my priority for Day 7 was to join the Pebble Club. The Pebble Club is designed create possibility for the future LeaderShape community. The future LeaderShape community is what inspires me today.

Thank you.

Litsa Eileen Orban

Litsa currently works at the University of Alabama and has been involved with The LeaderShape Institute as a Participant ('06), On Site Coordinator ('07), and as a Cluster Facilitator ('12). Thank You to Litsa for sharing this post with us.

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