Saturday, July 7, 2012


You Only LeaderShape Once.

We saw this tweeted during some sessions of The LeaderShape Institute. It is a clever and creative take on the popular “you only live once” saying that is so prevalent these days. And, for most, participating in The LeaderShape Institute does only happen one time.


We hope that anyone who experiences The LeaderShape Institute will continue to “LeaderShape” every day. To always be living in Day 7. Feeling stuck with this? Here are some ideas to get you moving:

Maybe it’s with your Cluster Facilitator, a Family Cluster member, or a Guest Leader. Take some time to catch up with one another and talk. Really talk. Like you did at The LeaderShape Institute. About your passions, challenges, wishes… If you aren’t near one another, pick up the phone, Skype, Facetime, Google Chat, text, email, snail mail, whatever! Just keep having conversations that matter.

Revisit a lesson
There are a lot of opportunities to expand our understanding of others, the world, and ourselves during the six days of the Institute. Choose one lesson from the Institute and work to incorporate it into your life somehow for a week.

Spend some time alone
Alone with a goal - something that you are working on. Get face-to-face with it and determine what you need to do to move forward. Now do it.

Spend some more time alone
With yourself. Think, write, draw, take a walk, whatever works for you that gives you a way in which to reflect. Life is busy and we can easily get caught up in being busy without always being productive. Take a pause.

Be an Example
Actions speak. They demonstrate to people what you care about and who you are. If you believe in the lessons of LeaderShape, in living with integrity and with a healthy disregard for the impossible, live it! Others will follow your lead.

LeaderShapers - What do you have to add to this list?

This post is part of our Day 7 on the 7th series. See last month’s by going here.

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