Thursday, May 3, 2012

Tell Your Story—In a Book!

The authors of Exploring Leadership: For College Students Who Want to Make a Difference (and friends of LeaderShape) are working on the third edition of the book and they need your help!
The authors are seeking 100-200 word “essays” written by student leaders describing actual events that they have experienced.  They are particularly interested in essays on the following topics:

•    Understanding Yourself as a Leader
•    Understanding Others as a Leader
•    Components of the Relational Leadership Model -
  • Being Inclusive as a Leader
  • Being Empowering as a Leader
  • Being Purposeful as a Leader
  • Being Ethical as a Leader
  • The Process of Leadership
•    Leading with Integrity
•    Leading in Communities
•    Leading in Groups and Teams
•    Leading Organizations
•    Leading Change
•    Renewing Yourself as a Leader
Submissions should be sent to Tim McMahon by mid-June. Essays included in the book will be printed with the students name and institution.

We hope you’ll consider sharing your story and/or passing this information on to student leaders you know.

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