Thursday, February 23, 2012

Day 7 Continues With TEDxOhioStateUniversity

Another post from a LeaderShaper working on a TEDx event:

Lessons that I learned at LeaderShape are constantly being revisited in my life. It helps that I have since been able to continue to surround myself with fellow LeaderShapers who experienced 6 days of growth and bliss with me and serve as constant reminders of the amazing people and opportunity that await if you live with an open mind and adventurous soul.

I'd be lying if I said I never experienced "LeaderShape withdrawal" in the weeks closely following our return. Thankfully, those feelings have since been transformed into my source of positive energy and have become my fuel of excitement and motivation to turn my dream that was once a LeaderShape vision into reality. During one of the final nights of LeaderShape we had an activity that would subsequently play a dramatic role in changing the course of my vision. It was through this seemingly simple activity that I was able to physically see the support from fellow peers and faculty members at my home university arise. Not only was this a very inspiring and humbling experience but it helped to empower me to return back to my home campus at The Ohio State University and take action.

Now, over five months after having entered into my "Day 7" I can proudly say that I am the licensee for Ohio State and officially organizing TEDxOhioStateUniversity with the help and majority of the main support from our original student team stemming from LeaderShape. For those reading this post who may not be familiar with TED, it is a nonprofit that was started with the mission to spread ideas. Although it was originally devoted to talks based off of technology, entertainment, and design their scope has since become more broad and they have over a thousand featured TED Talks that can be accessed for free through their website,

TEDx events are independently organized TED events that use the inspiring and innovative TED-like format in local communities all over the world. On March 31st Ohio State will have our inaugural event that will highlight local thinkers and doers who have amazing stories to share. Our student team has grown from the 5 LeaderShapers (including a LeaderShape facilitator who became the faculty advisor for our student organization) to almost 20 active student members who bring diverse perspectives but are sure to share the common vision of empowering our Ohio State community through this event.

It is our hope that TEDxOhioStateUniversity will be an environment that will connect students, faculty, and staff members from all different areas of campus and inspire them to put ideas into action. We will continue to build a TEDx community at The Ohio State University and hope to see it become an anticipated event by all who thrive off of creativity and innovation. LeaderShape has taught my fellow team members and me the invaluable lesson of having a healthy disregard for the impossible and was essential to the development and success of our organization. I am so thankful to have experienced the power of LeaderShape and continue to be immersed in the LeaderShape community far beyond the 6 day program. Oddly enough, I almost find that TEDxOhioStateUniversity is my opportunity to pay it forward by following through with my original LeaderShape vision and letting it expand to whatever may be in store.

To find out more about the event please visit our website at or find us on Facebook and Twitter @TEDxOhioStateU. Thank you LeaderShape for the outstanding impact you've made on my life and stay tuned to see where it leads!

Carpe Diem,

Jordan Edelheit
TEDxOhioStateUniversity Organizer
Leadershape Graduate 2011


MelRoc said...
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MelRoc said...

So proud of our girl, Jordan. Makes my heart happy to see two things I love, my Buckeye students and LeaderShape, come together to create amazing things. :) - Melissa Rocco, LeaderShape Institute Lead and Ohio State session Program Coordinator