Friday, December 23, 2011

Reflections on our 25th Year (Part 4)

The 25th year of The LeaderShape Institute has been an exciting one at the LeaderShape office. It probably goes without saying that this milestone has prompted us to reflect on and reminisce about the past with our friends and champions. It also gave us an excuse for a party with the spring Anniversary Gala. What a special night that paid homage to our roots and to those who continue to support and challenge young people to live with integrity. To have a healthy disregard for the impossible! To live embrace their passions and make the world a better place. How lucky we are for these people.

We cannot only look to the past; we must also look to our future. What can the next 25 years bring? This is what the staff at the LeaderShape office has been considering as we move forward in our work. Because as much as the LeaderShapers in the world have done, there is still more to do! We invite you to help us to reach our vision. Join us in this admittedly immense and ultimately momentous task of directing our passions and actions towards the creation of a just, caring, thriving world! Perhaps in 25 years we’ll be celebrating this goal, with thanks to you all for making it happen.

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