Monday, August 8, 2011

The courage it takes to slow down.....

Do you ever feel like being busy is like wearing a badge of honor? The busier you are the better, right? This past weekend I had the opportunity to attend a retreat hosted by The Center for Courage and Renewal. The focus of the retreat was to reconnect who you are with what you do. While it was a wonderful opportunity for me personally, I kept thinking about how the concepts of being discussed of courage, renewal, community, authenticity and integrity apply to the LeaderShape Community. My thoughts went all over the place because I know that all of those concepts really resonate with LeaderShape.

The one thing that kept coming into my mind was that it takes courage to slow down and truly listen to yourself. I believe our society places a badge of honor on how full our calendars can be that it is often hard to turn down a meeting or dinner with a friend without feeling guilty. At the core of what LeaderShape is about is connecting people to their passions. The LeaderShape community is so spread out across the globe that it can be easy for individuals to get lost in every day life. From meetings to classes to caring for loved ones we can all quickly forget our passions, dreams and deep desires of our heart.

As you start your week, I want to encourage you to find some time for your own personal renewal. Be courageous and do this for yourself. Maybe it is listening to music, allowing yourself to get lost in a book, sitting in nature or going for a run. Whatever will renew your soul, do it! While you do this I hope that you allow your mind to wander, your heart to dream and remember what is important to you. Give yourself the opportunity to truly be heard and renewed, it's worth it!

“Sometimes the most urgent thing you can do is take a complete rest.” Ashleigh Brillant

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