Friday, April 22, 2011

LeaderShape: An Evidence-Based Leadership Example

How do you make the case for The LeaderShape Institute?

Too often we hear participants say things like "you've just gotta do it" or "it was life-changing." And while we agree (we realize we may be biased) with these participants, it's important to note when the work that you are doing is highlighted as phenomenal evidence-based leadership program.

A description of The LeaderShape Institute may be best described in Komives et. al (2011) The Handbook for Student Leadership Development (2nd ed.) that states:

“Examples of evidence-based leadership programming abound. The LeaderShape Institute is a phenomenal example of an individual leadership experience that successfully embeds multiple high-impact learning strategies to enhance student learning. LeaderShape is a six-day intensive retreat experience focused on building college students’ leadership capacities (see for more information). The curriculum integrates theoretical leadership content consistent with contemporary philosophies with a delivery that taps into many of the positive influences identified in the literature. Specifically, the program provides extensive opportunities for group interaction that stimulate critical self-reflection. Groups also build trust and engage in experiential learning designed to enhance students’ leadership efficacy as well as capacity. The content incorporates sociocultural conversations both across the curriculum as well as in a focused section that allows participants to delve deeply into issues related to power, privilege, and oppression. Mentoring also plays a key role, with participants interacting with adult facilitators and building relationships that continue well beyond the boundaries of the six-day experience” (p. 79).

We appreciate the fact that such notable scholars in the field have highlighted The LeaderShape Institute as a great example. As we celebrate our 25th Anniversary of the program, we would like to thank the thousands of faculty and partners who share our goal of creating a just, caring, and thriving world. Our success is due to the generosity of so many others. We're proud of our collective work and efforts.

Komives, S. R., Dugan, J. P., Owen, J. E., Slack, C., Wagner, W., & Associates (Eds.). (2011). The handbook for student leadership development (2nd ed.). San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass.

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