Friday, January 14, 2011

I'm gonna make it better

I saw this video today and posted it to our Facebook and Twitter pages. It's a pretty simple and straight forward message, "I'm gonna make it better."

I'm gonna make it better.

I'm pretty lucky to work for an organization that I believe does a great job supporting its community to do just that. Make it better. Whatever "it" is. Each of us has our own passions and causes that motivate us to do good, to make better. All of these efforts contribute to the improvement of our lives, communities, and the world. That's so amazing it's almost overwhelming!

I also appreciate that LeaderShape supports what I want to make better, which is the health of our bodies and our environment through plant-based living. They listen when I talk, eat the (delicious) vegan foods I bring to the office, and are mindful of the places we eat while traveling and the food we order for events. My passion isn't my co-workers passion...but they still support me.

Watch the video. Ask yourself, "What am I making better? Who am I supporting as they make their 'it' better?" Now make it better.

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