Friday, June 5, 2009

Tomorrow’s Headlines…..What a Wonderful World!

Hi from Day 4 of The LeaderShape Institute at Elmhurst College!

It is quiet around our camp site as our 40 participants are experiencing an earthquake! So, in my down time I thought I would take this opportunity to reflect a little on what I am experiencing this week.

As I sit in the Learning Community, I am surrounded by a world of possibility. The headlines on the walls talk about a world in which no one goes hungry and children love to learn. They describe a society that is free of discrimination and filled with compassion for others. They have created college campuses that provide outstanding educational experience both in and out of the classroom.

I could go on and on about the world in which these participants are going to create. But what is really resonating with me right now is that that these headlines tell us stories of change both big and small. They tell us stories of passion and persistence. These headlines are rooted in the heart of each individual that developed them. They have taken the risk to give a voice to their passions and values in this community and they have been supported. They recognize that the road ahead will be full of twist and turns, ups and downs but they are determined to stay the course because it is important.

At the same time, I realize that this same experience happened for many of other young adults this past month as they experienced LeaderShape. The potential that comes from all of these people following their hearts and pursuing their passion is overwhelming to me but is oh so energizing. As I sit in this Learning Community and envision the world that these individuals are going to create, I can hear the Louis Armstrong song in the background as it ends saying, “And I think to myself….what a wonderful world.” Indeed that is true, what a wonderful world!

Kristen Y.

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